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Meet our talented and highly qualified licensed massage therapists. Our team takes pride in being not only well educated, but also accommodating to each clients specific needs. Learn more about our team below and visit our menu to find a service that sounds best for you. It's all part of the Da Vinci Difference. 


Kandi Garland

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Chris Johnson

Chris is from Bucks County, PA and has been residing in Arkansas for 13 years now. He has 18 years of Clinical Experience and was instructed by Telema Hess whose teachings are brought from India and Thailand. His area of expertise are in Bio-Energetic healing and integrative therapies. He specializes in Acupressure, Reflexology, Integrative Structural Therapy, Muscle Energy and Energetic Balancing. For those with a special goal in mind for preventive maintenance or management of a specific health issue that can be addressed through natural therapy he can discuss a plan of action to fit each clients own needs.